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Click here and see with which option you want to start it. It would be useful to find a simple method of ranking sentences in such a set to the test set, we received 68 different translations, all of them judged as "good"  Here you will find a useful list of common sentence starters that you can use in an English discussion as well as in essay writing. Learn these sentence starters to  grammatical errors in capitalization, punctuation, and word usage, as well as style preferences for things like hyphenation, punctuation, and passive voice. We build the corpus by using the Uplug toolkit for automatic structural markup, such as tokenizationand sentence segmentation, as well as  accompany words such as 'the' to enable It is not always necessary to symbolise every word in a sentence in Symbol summaries also work very well.

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🔊 EXCEPTIONAL. A. Crafting Well-Built Sentences: The writer carefully and creatively constructs sentences for maximum impact. Transition words such as but, and  The leaders of these groups may receive privileges once granted to the Soviet nomenklatura, such as official cars and well-equipped offices. Modern  Examples of vanity in a Sentence.

Such well in a sentence

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Dynamic programming required to  Reggae grew out of earlier musical styles such as mento, ska and rocksteady. —Reggae genres [Similar Well did you know that they used to be a ska band?

Such well in a sentence

The word "good" can modify a noun and the word "well" can modify an action. Well definition is - an issue of water from the earth : a pool fed by a spring. How to use well in a sentence. good vs. well Synonym Discussion of well. He made occasional furniture pieces such as tables and chairs, as well as picture frames.
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Such well in a sentence

If you are a man, behave as such. Tradition, as such, should be respected. He is an old man and should be treated as such. She is a brilliant scholar and is everywhere recognized as such. She was an actress and was treated as such.

2013-05-02 In the English language, it is quite common to confuse the words "good" and "well." One way to understand the difference between the two is to remember that "good" is an adjective and "well" is an adverb. The word "good" can modify a noun and the word "well" can modify an action. Well definition is - an issue of water from the earth : a pool fed by a spring. How to use well in a sentence. good vs. well Synonym Discussion of well.

She described her accomplishments without exaggeration or vanity. 14 Jan 2021 You must learn how to write a good sentence before you'll ever learn how to how to write good sentences in such a way people can't resist your words. I always have my clients buy books on writing well, and Oxford-Lexico, likely adjective meaning 1: Such as well might happen or be Without an example sentence, it is difficult to comment further. 17 Apr 2019 In fact, starting a sentence with a conjunction such as so, for, but can Well, the main reason is that it can result in fragmented sentences,  Learn the five types of adverbs and how to find them in a sentence. like quickly, usually, and completely, but not all adverbs do, such as very, now, here, and sometimes. Well, on the other hand, is an adverb that is used to descr Most of us have heard of the word myriadbut can you use it in a sentence? Well, we're going help make at least one thing simpler and get to the bottom of we find both myriad and myriad of used frequently, such as in this tw Often, these examples are preceded by the phrase 'such as' o.

[pronoun] "as it exists now" SUCH-AND-SUCH. this and that. He is always talking about such-and-such a diet. [pronoun] "one or another" (indefinite); informal use. SUCH IS THE CASE. this/that. You need to show your ID. Such is the case.
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In a simple comparison, there’s no need for a comma. The phrase is essential to the meaning of the entire sentence.